Why Choose S&Q?

Excellence in business is achieved through new technical solutions that are protected by their own regulatory document (TS), trademark, certificate of conformity.


We are professionals, our employees are qualified specialists in the field of technical regulation in Ukraine, heads of technical committees, experts, auditors, chief auditors, with experience of more than 20 years.


"Standards and Quality" - has partner relations with the Testing and Certification Center "Yugtest", the OST "Testmetstandard", the Expert and Technical Centers of Ukraine, accredited by the National Agency of Accreditation of Ukraine (NAAU). We work with partners who are accredited in NAAU. This - the certification bodies and testing laboratories, which cover almost the entire range of products, from communications equipment to alcoholic beverages.


Experience in the development of standards, technical conditions on the basis of modern harmonized standards EN, ISO. Experience of conducting international technical committees ISO. Expertise, registration.


We provide a comprehensive service, you will be able to perform the testing / examination of the products / goods you need in the shortest possible time. We will develop for you and help you implement a modern management system. This becomes possible due to the fact that we have established close professional cooperation with the leading laboratories of Ukraine and the European Union. Experts of our certification organization will provide you with expert assistance, consisting in quick and easy receipt of the documentation you need.


The CE marking for Ukrainian manufacturers is supported by a partnership with EU accredited conformity assessment bodies.