Certification of personnel

Purpose: to determine the level of personal professional competence of employees
Your company and pass the certification / certification in an independent body.

Field of activity:

  • Technical regulations of Ukraine;

  • Production of products;

  • Services;

Benefits and advantages:

  • the opportunity to obtain an independent assessment of the quality of training, the level of competence, the professional suitability of employees;

  • continuous monitoring of staff competence;

  • formation of a positive image;

  • The opportunity to demonstrate to partners in business their qualification reliability;

  • Recognition of the qualification and competence of personnel in the international market;

  • meeting the requirements of international labor markets;

  • ensuring high staff motivation;

  • increase of attention and respect for the employees of the enterprise;

  • increase in demand and "value" of professionals in the labor market.


As a result of certification, the applicant receives a number certificate of professional competence in the declared field of activity and is included in the Register of Certified Personnel.
Positions that can be certified:

  • Managers for sales of services to corporate and VIP clients.

  • Top managers of the company (directors of sales departments, logistics, quality, personnel management, etc.)


  • Courses of training / retraining of personnel in accordance with ISO 29990.

  • General description of qualification standards (requirements) of professionalism "sales manager" (Sales specialist).

Qualification standards, professionalism requirements for the specialty "Sales specialist" - describes the professional skills and knowledge that a sales person must possess to ensure effective performance.

Effective activity - this activity provides the possibility of management and gives a predictable result.

These qualification requirements (standards) of professionalism can be used for training and certification of specialists who carry out their activities in the following areas:

  • wholesale and small wholesale trade;

  • sale of services;

  • sale of information products;

  • sale of intellectual and software products;

  • individual employment and private entrepreneurship.

  • Other activities, where the bulk of the work is selling.


The "sales specialist" qualification is the base for specialists of different industries. This qualification describes the following types of work that are performed by a certified specialist "HR manager":

  • Planning and organization of work.

  • Communication and interaction.

  • Management of tactics.


The description of qualification standards of professionalism can also include a description of the basic principles of behavior, beliefs and professional ethics.