305/2011 / EU - Construction materials

In this provision, a construction product is any product or set that is produced and placed on the market for permanent inclusion in construction works or parts thereof, and the fulfillment of which affects the performance of construction work in relation to the basic requirements for construction work.

In the CPF (305/2011 / EU Regulation on Construction Products), a construction product is any product or set that is produced and placed on the market for permanent inclusion in construction work or part of it, and the implementation of which has an impact on the performance of construction work requirements for construction work. You can also consider building products as all components that make up an integral part of construction work.


Harmonized standards:

Products that are subject to a harmonized standard, or products that are not covered by a harmonized standard for which ETA (European Technical Approval) has been issued, must comply with the requirements of the CE marking.

What does CE labeling under CPR mean in practice?

This means that any construction product covered by an NGN must:

Apply CE marking on the packaging before putting it on the market

DoP function (performance declaration)

The 305/2011 / EU Building Products Regulations also cover performance evaluation and constancy checking (AVCP) systems.


AVCP systems define the responsibilities of an “economic operator” (manufacturer, importer, distributor, or authorized representative) and Authorized body. The AVCP systems table is given in Appendix V of the CPR.


Declaration of Implementation

The Declaration of Execution is an updated, revised and detailed version of the “Declaration of Conformity”, as defined in the previous directive.

A DoP is a document that establishes and confirms the key characteristics of a product that will be placed on the market. It must be available at any time to the customer (or distributor - or end user) or to the authorities for at least 10 years.

Among other things, we provide type testing and CE certification services for all types of structural metal products (aluminum and steel profiles), including EN 1090 steel structures, multipurpose building chemicals, sealing products such as mastic, natural stones, marble, and plumbing. and kitchen utensils, materials for insulating water and health, and fire tests.


Conformity assessment and certification of steel structures in accordance with EN 1090-2 and aluminum structures in accordance with EN 1090-3 are covered by "EN 1090-1 Implementation of steel structures and aluminum structures", which is a harmonized standard. ,

Under Regulation (EC) No 305/2011, product conformity is assessed and certified based on type tests, calculations and production control systems at the plant. After a positive completion of this conformity assessment process, a “Certificate of conformity of factory production control” is issued, and the manufacturer can affix the CE marking to its products.