2016/426 / EU - Regulation on equipment operating on gaseous fuel

The Gas Appliances Directive 2016/426 / EU (GAD) provides the legal basis for gas appliances in EU member states. It aims to ensure safe and reliable movement in the EU market for instruments and fittings.

The directive applies to a number of gas burning appliances that operate up to the normal temperature of 105 degrees Celsius, as well as to some fittings, including devices and units for safety, regulation and control. The directive has become mandatory since 1996, therefore all gas appliances sold within the framework of the directive must be CE marked. However, there are some exceptions to the directive, including products for industrial use in industrial premises. The directive defines “gas” as a fuel that is in a gaseous state at 15 degrees Celsius at a pressure of 1 bar, therefore, devices operating on natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are excluded from others. When selling used products, they must comply only with the essential requirements of the directive.

This directive requires type testing and approval with a selected compliance module by an independent body notified by the European Commission.

GAD provides product categories that are covered by a scope but do not contain lists of specific products covered. However, in order to facilitate the decision whether an individual product is covered by the Directive, all interested parties have compiled an illustrative list. A note to the list explains the meanings of some words used. In addition, some specific elements of certain product categories are explained in separate instructions.

Products covered by this regulation

  • Condensation and non-condensing (convection) steam boilers

  • Gas central heating boilers

  • Water heaters

  • Household gas heaters, ovens

  • Gas catering equipment (open hobs, work hobs, tile grills, solid worktops, steam boilers, etc.)

  • Hoods

  • Gas taps and valves (except ball valves for use in EN 331)

Devices for control and monitoring of gas heating and kitchen equipment

  • Marching stoves

  • Gas grills and barbecue,

  • and similar gas flaring products (not intended for industrial use) are assessed under this Directive.


  • EU TYPE EXAMINATION - MODULE B: It covers type testing.

  • EU DECLARATION ON COMPLIANCE WITH TYPE - MODULE C: Compliance with type based on internal control of production plus controlled product checks at random intervals.

  • ENSURING THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS - MODULE D: Used on the basis of the Quality Management System.

  • PRODUCT QUALITY ASSURANCE - MODULE E: It is applied to the final product based on the quality management system.

  • EU VERIFICATION - MODULE F: it must be applied on each device based on statistics.

  • EU Unit VERIFICATION - MODULE G: It is product based, and all necessary experiments must be performed.