CE marking

List of CE marking directives


Why do we need CE marking?

CE Marking
Means that - products sold in the European Union comply with the provisions of the applicable directives providing for CE marking.
Thus, the CE marking, in particular, means that the product meets all the essential requirements of the applicable directives, and that the products have passed the conformity assessment procedure provided for in the directives. In addition, member states are required to take appropriate measures to protect the CE marking.

What are the advantages of CE certification?


A manufacturer that uses the CE marking on its product declares that the products meet all the necessary requirements (specifications and standards) and can sell their goods and services in Europe.

Products that are CE marked can be sold in the European Economic Area without any barriers, and consumers are confident that the products they buy comply with all basic health, safety and environmental requirements. The manufacturer is responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment of products, preparing technical files, obtaining, if necessary, the CE marking, drawing up the EC declaration of conformity and applying the CE marking on the goods.


What information is contained in the European Declaration of Conformity?

The EC declaration of conformity contains information relating to the product, manufacturer or representative with the following contents:

Unique product labeling

The name and address of the manufacturer or authorized representative

Statement of responsibility of the manufacturer of this declaration,

Identification of the product, allowing its tracking, a clear image of the product, if necessary,

The relevant directive of the European Union,

References to relevant harmonized standards and / or regulations,

Where applicable, the name and identification number of the notified body, the module description and the CE certificate information,

Additional information, signature, name and title of the authorized signatory, as well as place and date of issue.


CE marking

The CE mark must have the correct shape and proportions, as shown in the figure, regardless of size.

The marking should be applied in such a way that it would not be possible to erase or change it, it was clearly visible and readable.

If the design of the product does not allow marking to be applied or it is not advisable, then this marking should be attached to the packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents.


Conformity assessment
Before entering the European Community market, the manufacturer must carry out the product conformity assessment procedure provided for in the applicable directive in order to affix the CE marking.

Notified Bodies
Conformity assessment by a third party is carried out by notified bodies that have been designated by EU member states from among the bodies fulfilling the requirements laid down in the directive and established in their territory.