Fire certificates, 

cable products

Fire certificates

We carry out certification of products that require fire testing.
We work competently, efficiently, professionally.

A "fire" certificate is required for a wide range of products (building materials, cable products, etc.) that require testing for flammability, flame propagation, fire resistance class, and the like.

Our company organizes the execution of this type of works "turnkey" - from the filing of an application to obtaining a certificate of compliance.

Example of presentation of fire safety requirements:

  • p 4.1 DSTU 4809: 2007 "Insulated wires and cables. Fire safety requirements and test methods ". Flame propagation test for a single-ply vertically and / or horizontally placed insulated LIH (St) CH-180PH120 insulated cable for resistance to flame propagation of a single-ply cable (class-stable);

  • 4.2. DSTU 4809: on the resistance to the propagation of a cable flame, laid vertically and / or horizontally in bundles (category A. class - stable).

  • 4.4. DSTU 4809: 2007 on the smoke-forming capacity of the cable during the smoldering of its nonmetallic elements (class - DTK1);

  • 4.5 DSTU 4809: 2007, on the smoke-forming ability of the cable during its burning (class-DPK2);

  • p.4.6 DSTU 4809: 2007, on the corrosive activity of combustion products of nonmetallic cable elements (class - KK2);

  • 4.7 DSTU 4809: 2007, on the ability to maintain the integrity of circuits in conditions of a standard temperature regime (class - Ex 60);

  • 4.8 DSTU 4809: 2007. On the ability to maintain the integrity of circuits under the conditions of exposure to a flame, the temperature of which is not less than 750 ° C (class - FE180);

  • 4.36 g) 2) DBN В.2.5-23 2010. item ДБН В.1.2-7-2006 according to GOST В.1.1-11 2006 according to the limits (class) of fire resistance of cable lines Р 60:

  • the ability of cable lines with cable LIH (St) CH-180PH120, laid vertically and / or horizontally in cable metal trays with supporting elements of the trade mark EAE. keep the functionality (working capacity) for 60 minutes. Maximum support element pitch 1200 mm

Certification of cable products

  • Certification of cable products in Ukraine for March 2015 is conducted in 2 systems:

  • Voluntary or at the request of the customer, as a rule, it is fire tests.

  • According to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of low-voltage electrical equipment (mandatory procedure).

Our institution organizes all necessary conformity assessment procedures, as follows:

  • In a voluntary system;

  • According to the Technical Regulations;

  • W.h. we issue a declaration of conformity;

  • We conduct electrical parameter tests and fire tests.

  • We carry out works qualitatively, objectively in optimal terms.