"Standards and Quality" is a professional organization that unites qualified specialists in the field of technical regulation in Ukraine. Our employees are auditors, lead  auditors, Ph.d with experience of 20 years in the system of Technical Regulation (Gospotrebstandart), standardization, certification and modern system for conformity assessment  in field Technical Regulations of Ukraine, management systems ISO 9001, ISO22000, ISO14001.


Our services

International certification of management systems

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 22000: 2005

OHSAS 18001: 2007

ISO 13485

ISO 27001: 2013

ISO 10002: 2004

ISO 22716

ISO 50001: 2011

ISO 28000

ISO 45001

Halal Certification

We develop the Technical Conditions on request. We update the old specifications (compulsory procedure at least once every 5 years).

Terms of fulfillment 1-3 months.


We provide services for obtaining CE marking for Ukrainian manufacturers.
Execution of the order from 1 month. The cost of work depends on the specific directive and the conformity assessment module.

We are developing the project of declaration, the selection of standards. We register (bring on charge) the declaration of conformity of the TS. We certify the type examination / expert evaluation according to the Technical Regulations. Wide scope of accreditation

Our partners

We cooperate with leading companies not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

We work with leading certification centers in Europe, Ukraine, testing centers, specialists in the field of personnel training.

Thanks to this, we employ highly qualified specialists and we always perform our work at the highest level!

Personal Certification

We carry out certification,attestation of experts, auditors workingas in the legislative regulation (technical regulations) and in the voluntary sphere.Define the level of professional competence of employeesYour company and will perform review / certification in an independent body.


The main directions of certification

  • Machines and mechanisms, industrial equipment, woodworking, metal working, food equipment
  • Household appliances, power tools, garden tools
  • Lamps, searchlights, external and internal lighting
  • Pipes, valves
  • Building materials, products and constructions
  • Heating, gas and solid fuel boilers
  • Cleaning substance, abstergent, detergents
  • Toys, play equipment, playgrounds
  • Wireless Communication
  • Cable production

Certificates for tenders

We conduct voluntary certification for participation in tenders, import, export, production and sale of products in Ukraine.

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